Scheepjes River Washed XL

River Washed XL


Scheepjes River Washed is unique: it has the same structure as Scheepjes Stone Washed, but its core is coloured and surrounded with a different coloured fluff to give it a two toned "halo". River Washed is available in a regular Sport weight and XL Aran weigt version, both versions are available in 22 shades, which were named after famous rivers around the world. 

The 8 newest colours (973-980) with a gorgeous mustard-yellow colour-base are the perfect complement to the existing colour palette of River Washed XL and Stone Washed XL.

Fiber Content: 70% Cotton x 30% Acrylic
Needle size: 5 mm - 6 mm
Yarn weight: Worsted, Aran
Ball weight: 50 gram
Length: 75 meter
Gauge: 14-16 stitches, 19 rows to 10 cm on 5,00 mm needles

4 - 5


A.V.Chapllaz Yarn A3A8986