Scheepjes Whirl 560

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the Brick Roads Scarf

the Brick Roads Scarf by The Guy With The Hook

"Sometimes faith and coincidence comes together in a fun way and it was exactly like that with the Brick Roads scarf pattern. The idea for this design began with visiting my grandma, which lives in a real old and small village in the Netherlands. As the streets are all made out of brickstones and are still very small and bumpy i thought it would be a perfect theme for a pattern. So i started designing and came up with a simple, easy-going crochet pattern which i thought would be perfect for a scarf." The Guy With The Hook

Valyria Shawl

ValyriaShawl 1

Free pattern with the purchase of a Scheepjes Whirligig or Scheepjes Whirligigette:

YARN THE AFTER PARTY, Valyria Shawl booklet by MijoCrochet

Read Between the Lines Shawl

 Read Between the Lines by Tammy Canavan-Soldaat


Read Between the Lines by Tammy Canavan-Soldaat.
The pattern can be found here and uses one ball each of

Whirl - 767 Melting Macaron and Woolly Whirl - 473 Kiwi Drizzle in this example.