Sophie's Stool Kit By Dedri Uys

Sophies Stool
Sophie's Stool Kit - By Dedri Uys

The famous crochet pattern turned into a stool cover!

The most famous crochet pattern by Designer Dedri Uys, Sophie, is now available as a gorgeous stool cover! When Scheepjes presented Dedri the idea of designing a stool cover, the choice was easily made. Sophie's Stool is the adorable result and made in the same colours as the Cotton 8 Sophie, it is a celebration of colour and stitches and joy!

Sophie's Stool Kit contains 9 skeins of Catona 50 gram, 1 stool, 1 'Authentic Sophie's Universe' label and 4 unique olive wooden buttons with inscription 'Live, Love, Laugh'.

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