Sophie's Universe Medium Kit

Sophie's Universe Kit Medium Softfun

The Sophie's Universe Blanket is a continuous, square blanket, which Dedri designed specifically for her 2015 Crochet Along (CAL).

The Sophie's Universe pattern is available on Dedri's blog as a set of tutorials or as a book.


The pack contains 28 balls of Scheepjes Softfun in the following shades:

6 x Light Blue Softfun 2432

2 x Pink Softfun 2480

2 x Bordeaux Softfun 2492

2 x Heath Softfun 2493

1 x Dark Turquoise Softfun 2511

2 x Light Rose Softfun 2513

3 x Rose Softfun 2514

2 x Canary Softfun 2518

2 x Violet Softfun 2519

3 x Olive Softfun 2531

3 x Cyclamen Softfun 2534

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Sophie's Universe CAL in Softfun

Sophie's Universe Softfun CAL

Sophie's Universe Blanket by Dedri Uys

The pattern for this blanket can be found here or you can buy the book.

Sophie's Universe Medium Kit