A Spoonful of Yarn (Christina)


Hi! I am Christina and I live in a little town in the Netherlands with my boyfriend and our cat called Poose. I started crocheting in 2010 and knitting in 2013 and I cannot imagine my life without this wonderfully relaxing craft anymore.

I like to focus my creativity on my own crochet designs. Shawls and sweaters are my favorites to work on. Inspiration is all around us and I find mine in books, music, films and nature. This reflects on everything I make. With my designs, I want to take you with me through a story. With a hook in hand daydreaming a bit about forests, ancient hotels, clouds or sunny blossoming fields, that is what I like to do. To turn those everyday things into something special. Are you going to daydream with me? You can find my work on my blog: A Spoonful of Yarn.

  • Forest Valley Shawl 01

    Designed by Christine Hadderingh

    Forest Valley Shawl kit contains:

    Scheepjes Stone Washed (78% cotton, 22% acrylic; 50g/130m)

    Stone Washed - 821 Pink Quartzite x 3 balls
    Stone Washed - 825 Malachite x 1 ball
    Stone Washed - 826 Forsterite x 1 ball
    Stone Washed - 827 Peridot x 1 ball
    Stone Washed - 812 Lemon Quartz x 1 ball

    7 balls in total and the pattern booklet.