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My Name is Martin and I live with my family in Sweden, up north, in the woods. I am born and raised in the beautiful city of Vienna. My crafting journey started when I moved to Sweden in 2010.

Since then I crochet to keep my nervous hands busy. When I am not working on my crafting projects you will find me outside to capture the beauty of nature with my camera. The contrast between the freedom of wilderness and the wish to control my hook and stitches as good as possible gives me inner peace. The diversity of crochet patterns from mindless repetitions to high advanced full-focus stitch combinations has become the perfect way to relax for me. Every moment has its own pattern.

You can find my patterns (and a little of my photography) at:

  • Metropolis Colourway:

    Scheepjes Metropolis 50g (75% Extra Fine Merino, 25% Nylon; 50g/200m).
    1 ball each of:

    •         034 Alexandria
    •         035 Seoul
    •         037 Istanbul
    •         039 Delhi
    •         041 Rabat
    •         069 Miami
    •         064 Krakow
    •         073 Izmir
    •         078 Lyon 
    •         079 Munich
    •         080 Hamburg
    for a total of 11 balls.
    You'll also need (not included): 4.00mm, 4.50mm, and 5.00mm hook (non soft grip)
    alu crochetHooks
  • Jämtland Colourway:

    Scheepjes Scrumptious (50% Recycled Polyester, 50% Acrylic)
    1 x 100g/300m ball each of:

    •         302 Buttercream Icing
    •         305 Blue Surf Cake
    •         315 Citrus Rice Pudding
    •         323 Cinnamon Peach Cobbler
    •         325 Baklava
    •         326 Matcha Chiffon Cake
    •         335 Raspberry Rock Candy
    •         337 Key Lime Pie
    •         342 Coconut Spirulina Cheesecake
    •         344 Pistachio Mafroukeh
    •         359 Red Velvet Cake
    •         366 Cosmic Cup Cake
    •         374 Blueberry Basil Galette

    for a total of 13 balls!

    You'll also need (not included): 4.5mm, 5.0mm, and 5.5mm crochet hooks without softgrip handles.

    alu crochetHooks

  • Seaweed Blanket by Martin Up North

    Designed by a dad for dads and their little ones, this blanket is strong and cool in many ways. A geometric design and bold colours produce a comforting blanket to pass from child to child through the family.

    Craft: crochet

    Kit contains:
    Scheepjes Stone Washed (78% Cotton, 22% Acrylic; 50g/130m)
    Yarn A: 805 Blue Apatite x 14 balls

    Scheepjes River Washed (78% Cotton, 22% Acrylic; 50g/130m)
    Yarn B: 962 Narmada x 5 balls
    Yarn C: 954 Congo x 4 balls

    for a total of 23 balls!

    Measurements after blocking:
    100x125cm (39.5x49.5in)

    This pattern is published in YARN 7, Reef, a Book-a-zine by Scheepjes.

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