Haak Maar Raak (Kirsten)

Hi! I’m Kirsten, designer of colourful crochet patterns! I live in a small city in the Netherlands, together with my husband and cats. Sitting here, surrounded by yarns and with a big mug of tea and a crochet hook I love to design bright and colourful home decor such as pillows, blankets and baskets. You can find all my ideas, inspiration and patterns on my website Haak Maar Raak.

  • Colourful Rainbow Sampler Blanket CAL Haakmaarraak

    by Kirsten at HaakMaarRaak

    From Kirsten's blog:

    Blocks of colour, a variety of stitches and a large comfortable size make the Colourful Rainbow Sampler blanket a must-make! This project is a Kickstarter for both your stitch repertoire and your rainbow collection. Written instructions and crochet charts step you through the different sections, with photo tutorials to help you visualize the pattern. If you’re a crocheter who has mastered the basic stitches, and if you’re looking for something exciting to make, this blanket checks all the boxes.

    The kit contains:

    28 balls of  Scheepjes Colour Crafter (100% Premium Acrylic, 100g/300m):

    Colour A: 1063 Rotterdam x 4 balls
    Colour B: 1005 Barneveld x 1 ball
    Colour C: 1425 Deventer x 1 ball
    Colour D: 1034 Urk x 1 ball
    Colour E: 1019 Texel x 1 ball
    Colour F: 1263 Leerdam x 1 ball
    Colour G: 1081 Gouda x 1 ball
    Colour H: 1241 Den Bosch x 1 ball
    Colour I: 1130 Sittard x 1 ball
    Colour J: 1020 Leiden x 1 ball
    Colour K: 1316 Almelo x 1 ball
    Colour L: 1065 Assen x 1 ball
    Colour M: 1132 Leek x 1 ball
    Colour N: 1083 Tilburg x 1 ball
    Colour O: 1123 Roermond x 1 ball
    Colour P: 1067 Hoorn x 1 ball
    Colour Q: 1080 Venlo x 1 ball
    Colour R: 1023 Tiel x 1 ball
    Colour S: 1068 Den Helder x 1 ball
    Colour T: 1009 Utrecht x 1 ball
    Colour U: 1061 Meppel x 1 ball
    Colour V: 1084 Hengelo x 1 ball
    Colour W: 1390 Amersfoort x 1 ball
    Colour X: 1246 Maastricht x 1 ball
    Colour Y: 1708 Alkmaar x 1 ball

    Find the pattern here ravelry

  • hygge mermaid.jpg

    The kit contains:

    10x Scheepjes Stone Washed 805 Blue Apatite
    10x Scheepjes Catona 50g/25g:
    130 Old Lace
    392 Lime Juice
    512 Lime 25g
    205 Kiwi
    513 Apple Granny
    389 Apple Green
    241 Parrot Green 25g
    253 Tropic 25g
    397 Cyan
    509 Baby Blue

  • hygge jewel

    The kit contains:

    10x Scheepjes Stone Washed 802 Smokey Quartz
    10x Scheepjes Catona 50g:
    258 Rosewood
    130 Old Lace
    411 Sweet Orange
    401 Dark Teal
    412 Forest Green
    391 Deep Ocean Green
    128 Tyrian Purple
    400 Petrol Blue
    396 Rose Wine
    394 Shadow Purple


  • Scheepjes Hygge CAL cream5 medium2

    The kit contains:

    10x Scheepjes Stone Washed 801 Moon Stone
    10x Scheepjes Catona 50g:
    264 Light Coral
    414 Vintage Peach
    403 Lemonade
    402 Silver Green
    212 Sage Green
    406 Soft Beige
    172 Light Silver
    179 Topaz
    409 Soft Rose
    408 Old Rose

  • hygge rainbow

    The kit contains:

    10x Scheepjes Stone Washed 803 Black Onyx
    10x Scheepjes Catona 50g:
    115 Hot Red
    281 Tangerine
    208 Yellow Gold
    280 Lemon
    205 Kiwi
    146 Vivid Blue
    201 Electric Blue
    282 Ultra Violet
    114 Shocking Pink
    222 Tulip

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