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Hi! I'm Tammy, a Canadian (originally from Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia) currently living in France with my Dutch husband and very spoiled little dog. My crafty passion is knitting, but I also dabble in crochet, cross stitch, and quilting. I first learned to knit and crochet as a young teen. Both my mother and grandmother were very crafty and taught me to knit and crochet, but I, unfortunately, didn't really catch the bug until much later after I was already living an ocean away. Thankfully, the internet was there to fill in the gaps so that I could teach myself and pick up where I left off. I wasn't really serious about any crafts, working on just one or two projects each winter, until a few years ago when I picked knitting back up as a hobby during a stressful period. It seems to have stuck and I have been knitting more and more since. I have also started designing, which I find really fun and exciting. I want to help newer knitters find fun and interesting projects that they are able to knit with confidence. You can find my blog here: Canadutch.

  • ReadBetweenTheLines

    YARN - The After Party booklet #18

    Crochet pattern by Tammy Canavan-Soldaat

    The kit contains
     one ball each of
    Scheepjes Whirl - 758 Lavenderlicious and 
    Scheepjes Whirl - 773 Blackcurrant Squeeze Me

    and/or the pattern booklet.

  • 19Image 02

    YARN - The After Party booklet #19

    This striking modern shawl is made using the illusion knitting technique.
    The combination of color and stitches creates a unique look to the shawl
    depending on which angle you view it from.

    There’s also a crochet version available called ‘Crochet between the lines’.

    The Read between the lines shawl by Tammy Canavan-Soldaat is one of many designs
    published by Scheepjes yarns in their ‘YARN - The After Party’ booklets released with a new design every 2 weeks.

    This kit contains Scheepjes Whirl - 753 Slice 'O' Cherry Pie and Whirl - 754 Green Tea Tipple

    and/or the pattern booklet.

  • Big Sister Shawl

    This kit contains 3 balls of Scheepjes Our Tribe 967 Simy

    Optional: Combine with YARN Scheepjes, Issue 5, Woman which contains this pattern and 13 other popular designs.

    You can pick your favorite colourway and let us know to substitute it in the comment section of the check out screen.

  • NOW Age Breathe Between The Lines Socks

    by Tammy Canavan-Soldaat

    This pattern is published in YARN 9, NOW Age, a Book-a-zine by Scheepjes.

    Kit contains:
    Scheepjes Metropolis (75% Merino Extra Fine, 25% Nylon; 50g/200m)
    Yarn A: 025 Nice x 1 ball
    Yarn B: 035 Seoul x 1 ball

    optional Scheepje YARN Book-a-Zine No. 9 NOW Age

  • 2018 12 03 Icarus Blanket 1

    At 130cm x 110cm it is the perfect size for a lap blanket and not something too big to carry around.

    This kit contains:

    Scheepjes Softfun Denim 60% Cotton x 40% Acrylic (Worked double-stranded)
    Yarn A: 3x Dark Grey (502)
    Yarn B: 4x Red (505)
    Yarn C: 4x Peach (507)
    Yarn D: 4x Light Blue (509)
    Yarn E: 3x Dark Blue (501)

    for a total of 18 balls.

    Find the pattern for this blanket here ravelry

  • Sliding tiles

    Photos by Tammy Canavan-Soldaat

    Stone Washed en River Washed

    The Sliding Tiles blanket (knitting) uses a simple mitered square, sized perfectly for the
    Scheepjes Stone Washed and River Washed 10g balls included in the (58 colour) colour packs.
    The unique arrangement creates a truly eye-catching piece of work!

    The kit contains:

    12 balls of Stone Washed 801 Moon Stone and

    1 Stone Washed River Washed Colour Pack (58 10g balls in all available colours)

  •  Twisted Roots Scarf in Scheepjes Our Tribe Happy in Red

    Every year, one of the most popular resolutions is to take more time to do the things we love. To help crafters keep this promise to themselves and to continue to offer everyone plenty of inspiration again this year, Scheepjes is hosting a wintery Knit-A-Long featuring the Twisted Roots Scarf. This lovely dual-texture cabled scarf is designed by Scheepjes Blogger Tammy Canavan-Soldaat of Canadutch and can be found in Scheepjes' YARN Bookazine 10 - The Colour Issue.

    The Twisted Roots MAL will be held from 6 January to 27 January 2021 in the Official Scheepjes Facebook groups. This project is perfect for adventurous beginners to learn new skills and gain confidence in their knitting abilities, with just the right balance of fun and relaxation for the more experienced knitters to enjoy as well. They won’t be doing it alone, of course. With the help of the designer, the highly skilled Facebook mods & admins and the worldwide Scheepjes community in the International and Dutch Facebook Group (almost 110,000 members in total!), we have no doubt that everyone will have all the support and encouragement they need to create a scarf of their own!

    To participate in the Twisted Roots Scarf MAL, each participant needs 3 balls of Scheepjes Our Tribe in one of the 38 breathtakingly beautiful colourways. In addition, each participant requires a copy of YARN Bookazine 10 - The Colour Issue in Dutch or English (UK terminology) which includes the full Twisted Roots Scarf pattern together with 15 other beautiful knit and crochet designs to explore and enjoy!

    You'll also need (not included):

    4mm knitting needles
    Cable needle
    Stitch markers (optional)
    Blocking materials

    The kit contains:
    3 balls of Scheepjes Our Tribe
    and Yarn Bookazine 10 - The Colour Issue


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