Amazon 3

The Amazon Blanket by Rachele Carmona

As the heat rises, crochet your own Amazon journey using interlocking motifs in five brightly coloured panels to create an explosion of colour.

The kit contains:

Scheepjes Softfun (60% cotton, 40% acrylic, 50g/140 m):

Yarn A: Softfun 2516 x 3 balls
Yarn B: Softfun 2517 x 4 balls
Yarn C: Softfun 2470 x 1 ball
Yarn D: Softfun 2426 x 2 balls
Yarn E: Softfun 2491 x 1 ball
Yarn F: Softfun 2431 x 1 ball
Yarn G: Softfun 2531 x 2 balls
Yarn H: Softfun 2535 x 5 balls

Scheepjes Softfun Denim (60% cotton, 40% acrylic, 50g/140 m):

Yarn I: Softfun Denim 507 x 1 ball
Yarn J: Softfun Denim 505 x 3 balls
Yarn K: Softfun Denim 506 x 3 balls
Yarn L: Softfun Denim 516 x 3 balls
Yarn M: Softfun Denim 517 x 3 balls
Yarn N: Softfun Denim 519 x 3 balls

for a total of 35 balls.

The pattern can be found here.

Optional: order together with YARN Scheepjes, Issue 3, Tropical Issue, a Bookazine by Scheepjes where you can find this pattern and 14 other popular patterns.

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*New* Metropolis Colour Pack

Metropolis Colour Pack


Following the success of our Catona, Cahlista and Stone Washed River Washed Colour Packs, Scheepjes is pleased to release its newest addition: the Scheepjes Metropolis Colour Pack! Each Scheepjes Metropolis Colour Pack showcases all 80 colours across the full Metropolis range in our adorable Cutie Pie 10-gram balls. Supplied in an attractive gift box with a transparent front and back window, we’re certain you’ll fall in love just gazing at the simply irresistible Scheepjes Metropolis range!  

The Scheepjes Colour Packs make choosing the colour palette for your next project an absolute breeze. Not to mention these balls are the ideal size for creating a variety of small multicolour projects or for use in Fair Isle knitting! What’s not to love?! 

1 pack contains:

80 ten gram balls in each Metropolis colour way, 800grams in total

40m / 44 yards per ball for a total of 3200m / 3500yrds

75% merino 25% nylon

fingering weight