Sophie's Universe Medium Kit

Sophie's Universe Kit Medium Softfun

The Sophie's Universe Blanket is a continuous, square blanket, which Dedri designed specifically for her 2015 Crochet Along (CAL).

The Sophie's Universe pattern is available on Dedri's blog as a set of tutorials or as a book.


The pack contains 28 balls of Scheepjes Softfun in the following shades:

6 x Light Blue Softfun 2432 or Sky Softfun 2613

2 x Pink Softfun 2480

2 x Bordeaux Softfun 2492

2 x Heath Softfun 2493

1 x Dark Turquoise Softfun 2511

2 x Light Rose Softfun 2513

3 x Rose Softfun 2514

2 x Canary Softfun 2518

2 x Violet Softfun 2519

3 x Olive Softfun 2531

3 x Cyclamen Softfun 2534

sophieskits medium

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