Sophie's Universe Book

Sophie’s Universe Book

From Look What I Made website:

"I am so very pleased to announce that the Sophie’s Universe book is now available for sale! I am overwhelmed by the number of positive comments and messages we have received since I shared a sneak peek of the book last week.

For those of you who don’t know what Sophie’s Universe is, I will give you a quick summary. Sophie’s Universe is a continuous square blanket with lots of surface detail. The pattern was released as a 20-part CAL (crochet-along) in 2015, sponsored by Scheepjes and hosted in the Official CCC Social Group by my good friend Kimberly Slifer (who’s granddaughter this blanket is named after).

Although advanced, the pattern is written specifically for adventurous beginners. It contains lots of step-by-step photos and hints, and Esther Dijkstra from It’s All in a Nutshell has done video tutorials for each part. The CAL has also been translated into many languages with the help of my wonderful volunteers.

Scheepjes and I started working on a paperback version of the pattern just over a year ago. The result is this comprehensive 216-page A4 book. It is stitch-bound, and this, combined with the weight of it, means that it lies flat when open. I have a thing about nice paper, and my second favourite thing about the book is the fact that it is printed on really nice paper. I keep running my hands over the pages with a goofy grin on my face.

My favourite thing about the book is the way it looks! Hans Mossel took the beautiful cover photograph and Sabine Burkunk was in charge of styling for the cover. Jane Toft did an amazing job with the layout. It is everything I didn’t know I wanted until I saw it. Not only did she use gorgeous colours for the background and cover, but she also created a sense of space and elegance with the design, choosing the featured photos with care and consideration. I love the fact that my mom and her Sophie are featured on the back cover, and that my boys pop up now and again."

Dedri Uys

Sophies Universe Book Dedri Uys Scheepjes 

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Sophies Universe Book by Dedri Uys

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