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hikoo Cobasi logoDisappearing Act


Finally, a wool-free sock yarn! Knitters and their lucky recipients have long clamored for a wool-free sock yarn, something that wouldn’t irritate or overheat. Meet CoBaSi, a cotton, viscose from bamboo and silk blend with elastic nylon for a gentle on the hands wool-like stretch. It comes in 50 gram hanks and a wide range of colors, making it the perfect candidate for warm-weather color work. Soft and machine washable, this will be a go-to for a variety of hardy garments. The possibilities are endless, so get some CoBaSi and cast on!

55% Cotton, 16% Viscose from Bamboo, 8% Silk, 21% Elastic Nylon
220 yards per 50 gram skein • US 1-4 needles • 2.5-3.5 mm needles •
• 6.5-8 sts per inch

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Hikoo Cobasi plus logo blankslatecardi all01

When we introduced CoBaSi, a wool-free sock yarn that wouldn’t irritate or overheat, it was such a hit that we knew we had to develop a heavier version. Meet CoBaSi Plus, a worsted weight wonder which combines cotton, viscose from bamboo, silk and elastic nylon, creating that easy on the hands wooly stretch. Soft and machine washable, CoBaSi Plus is a wonderful substitute for Simpliworsted, and is a go-to yarn for hard-wearing children’s garments, and all-age sweaters, accessories and blankets.

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55% Cotton, 16% Viscose from Bamboo, 8% Silk, 21% Elastic Nylon

177 yards per 100 gram hank
US 6-7 needles • 4-4.5 mm needles
5 sts per inch

hikoo concentric logo by HiKoo yarnpage logo

Named after the concentric circles that this cake of yarn so closely resembles, these color gradients were carefully designed by our team of color specialists! Concentric is made from four non-plied strands, which create the distinctive color change. We know this yarn will be perfect for shawls and stunning in sweaters so don’t limit yourself to what this yarn can be used for!

100% Baby Alpaca
437 yards per 200 gram cake
US 8 needles • 5.0 mm needles
5 sts per inch

 DSC6896 medium2


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Kenzie label
Kenzie just may be the perfect tweed. New Zealand merino, angora and alpaca lend softness and body, nylon lends strength and silk noils contribute delicate texture and color accents. 

The smooth, round 3-ply yarn knits into a cohesive fabric that blooms when wet blocked. The angora haze is just fuzzy enough to lend a cozy feel, but not so fuzzy that it will obscure any stitch patterning.

50% New Zealand Merino, 25% Nylon, 10% Angora, 10% Alpaca, 5% Silk Noils
160 yards per 50 gram skein
US 6-8 needles • 4-5 mm needles
5 sts per inch

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An incredible new fiber from HiKoo®, Kenzington is an aran weight, woolen chainette which creates a springy, lightweight yarn with generous yardage.
Inspired by its cousin, Kenzie, Kenzingon is a blend of 60% New Zealand Merino, 25% Nylon, 10% Alpaca, 5% Silk Noils.
With amazing stitch definition and subtle tweediness, it will add a beautiful hint of texture to both simple and more complex stitch patterns.

60% New Zealand Merino, 25% Nylon, 10% Alpaca, 5% Silk Noils

208 yards per 100 gram hank

US 9 - 11 needles • 5.5 - 8.0 mm needles

3.5 - 4 sts per inch

Follins Pond Pullover

hikoo Merino Lace Light logo by HiKoo yarn page logo

This lace weight yarn is an exciting addition to the HiKoo® line!
The generous yardage and beautiful neutral tones are sure to create heirloom pieces for both knit AND crochet fans.
Perfect for Haapsalu knitting!

100% Merino Wool
1400 Meters / 1531 yards per 100 gram hank
US 0-4 needles • 2-3.5mm needles

Lace Weight

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A value yarn that is an excellent choice for afghans, children's wear, and anything else that gets daily use.
This machine-washable wool blend feels like butter in your hands while knitting, but is a true "workhorse" of a yarn.

HiKoo® • 55% Merino Superwash, 28% Acrylic, 17% Nylon
117 yards per 50 gram hank
US 4-6 needles • 3.5-4mm needles
5.5 sts per inch

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If you love our Simpliworsted but long for more luxury, try Simplinatural. Made exclusively with the most sumptuous natural fibers, the wool, alpaca, and silk are expertly blended to highlight the best of each fiber. Beautifully rounded 6-ply strands mean your knitting will have a cushy feel with excellent stitch definition. Rich, earthy primaries and nuanced neutrals will fit perfectly into anyone’s wardrobe. Please note that Simplinatural must be hand-washed. If you require a machine-washable yarn please try Simpliworsted.

40% Baby Alpaca, 40% Fine Merino Wool, 20% Mulberry Silk
183 yards per 100 gram hank
US 8-9 needles • 5-5.5 mm needles
4-4.5 sts per inch

Weekender by Andrea Mowry in Simplinatural by HiKoo by Skacel

Simpliworsted is a perfect all-around worsted weight yarn. A Superwash Merino Blend in vibrant colors. Feels like butter!

HiKoo® Yarn
55% Merino Superwash 28% Acrylic 17% Nylon
140 yards per 100 gram skein
US 10 needles • 6 mm needles
4 sts per inch

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blankslatecardi all01

Noten Sweater in ITO Rakuda



The sweater is worked seamlessly in rounds in one piece from the top-down. After the collar is worked, the colorwork-yoke is shaped by increases for body and sleeves and additional radial increases up to the sleeve separation. The sleeve stitches are then placed on hold, underarm stitches are cast on, and you continue to work the body with some side-pleats at chest height onwards to the bottom ribbing.
After the body is completed with color blocks, sleeve stitches are placed back on the needles to be worked top-down in the round.

ITO Rakuda
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